2024-2025 Undergraduate General Catalog


While most pre-chiropractic students choose to major in Biology, a student may choose to major in any discipline. Internship or employment experience and a strong motivation and commitment to the profession are expected. Students are encouraged to learn about the chiropractic profession and patient care through internships, volunteer experiences and employment. Because application requirements vary among schools, students should identify the schools in which he or she is interested as early as possible. The student should consult with his or her advisor and the coordinator on a regular basis to discuss course selection and chiropractic school application procedures. Chiropractic schools select students on the basis of 1) undergraduate academic performance; 2) letters of evaluation from professors and other professional people; and 3) a personal interview (most programs).

Suggested Pre-Chiropractic Program of Study:

The suggested program of study should meet the general admission requirements for most chiropractic schools. Most schools require a minimum of 24 semester hours of general education courses (English, Communication, Psychology, Social Sciences, and Humanities) as well as a minimum of 24 semester hours in the life and physical sciences. Students are responsible for checking the specific admissions guidelines for each optometry school and consulting with their advisor or the Coordinator to ensure that they are meeting all requirements.