2023-2024 Undergraduate General Catalog


 The Religion major urges students to study and wrestle with the diversity and richness of texts, ideas and communities within Christianity and within other religious traditions. The major has three tracks: a Religion track, an InterReligious Studies track, and a Religion/Philosophy track. The major is intended to give students a broad introduction to critical theological reflection, to relate that reflection to the students’ total educational experience, and to respond creatively to the world in which they live in terms of faith and worldview commitments whatever their own heritage. The major aims to broaden students’ moral responsibility, to develop their critical thinking, speaking, and writing skills, and to encourage them to apply faith/worldview and ethical commitments to their future vocation. Most importantly, the Religion major encourages students to engage enduring questions about the meaning of life in a context of liberal arts learning.

The Religion track is designed to acquaint students with the discipline of theology in both its historic and contemporary expressions and to see the connection between theology and various religious and philosophical traditions. The Religion/Philosophy track is designed to explore how the methods and concepts of philosophy can assist us in the examination and clarification of theological ideas. The InterReligious Studies track is designed to immerse students in multiple faith and worldview perspectives, improve students' religious literacy, and improve students' appreciative knowledge of a wide range of faith traditions.

Students may choose a Religion major as a viable liberal arts major which encourages them to think more clearly, critically, and comprehensively about questions that matter. It is also a major that may be chosen as preparation for seminary and graduate study and church-oriented vocations.