2023-2024 Undergraduate General Catalog


The Philosophy major has two tracks: a Philosophy track and Religion/Philosophy track. The major is designed to give students a broad introduction to the philosophical enterprise, to relate that enterprise to the student’s total educational experience, and to encourage creative reflection on life’s deepest questions. The major is designed to acquaint students with the discipline of philosophy in both its historic and contemporary expressions. It aims to broaden students’ intellectual horizons while heightening their moral sensitivity and to develop their thinking and speaking skills while encouraging the integration of learning.

While the study of philosophy is particularly important for students planning to enter graduate school in philosophy, law, medicine, or other fields, the skills and attitudes acquired through philosophical inquiry will benefit anyone who wants to think more clearly, critically, flexibly, and comprehensively, no matter what one’s major or vocational goals may be. We are therefore eager to work with students who want to combine their study of philosophy with other majors or areas of study.