2023-2024 Undergraduate General Catalog

Medical Laboratory Science

Plan I

To earn an Augustana degree with a major in Medical Laboratory Science, a student must complete three years of work at the University followed by a year of study in an approved Medical Laboratory Science program. A prospective major must make an application to the professional program during the fall of their junior year. Augustana will allow up to 40 credit hours for successful completion of the fourth year (as evidenced by receipt at the registrar’s office of a certified transcript of the grades from an approved program). Please see below for the required and recommended Augustana Courses.

Plan II

A number of students interested in Medical Laboratory Science elect a program after obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major either in Chemistry or Biology. Following completion of the degree requirements, the student will attend one additional year of educational study at an approved Medical Laboratory Science program (identical to the fourth year of Plan I). The advantages of this plan are that the student receives a bachelor’s degree in an academic discipline that allows more flexibility in choices of professional career options. The particular course sequence would depend on the Biology or Chemistry major.