2023-2024 Undergraduate General Catalog

General Studies

The General Studies major is available to Augustana students who have completed (or attempted) at least 75 credit hours of study. Students will use the General Studies major for timely degree completion, employment requirements, personal fulfillment, or to allow for further study at the graduate level.

Major Requirements:
41 credit hours (minimum) taken at the 200-level or higher
Those credits include:
3 credit hour high impact practice/experiential course
Students will utilize a high impact practice/experiential course to integrate content knowledge acquired from the general education curriculum to an experience/endeavor outside the confines of the classroom. With this experience, students will demonstrate an understanding of the skills required to thrive in professional and community settings beyond Augustana. High impact practice/experiential courses include: internship, practicum, research, service learning, study abroad.

A student must earn a C- or higher grade for any course counting towards the major’s requirements. Students must possess a minimum GPA of 2.00 to satisfy the major requirements. If the student has a declared minor, the coursework for that minor may not count toward the General Studies major requirements.

Students who complete the General Studies major will:

1. Gain knowledge of human cultures and the natural world through:
Study in the natural sciences and mathematics, social sciences, humanities, histories, languages, and the arts
Exploring the Christian traditions and Lutheran scholarly heritage

2. Develop strong intellectual practices in:
Critical and creative thinking
Analytical reasoning
Ethical reasoning
Effective communication
Quantitative literacy
Information literacy
Cross-cultural literacy

3. Deepen their understanding of personal and social responsibility through:
Informed engagement with diverse value systems
Civic knowledge and engagement, both locally and globally
Care for self, community, and the world

4. Apply what they have learned through:
Integrative learning
Experiential learning