2023-2024 Undergraduate General Catalog

Computer Science and Software Engineering

The underlying goal of the Department of Computer Science is to offer up-to-date, quality instruction in its undergraduate programs to support careers in business, science, government, and industry, and to provide a strong foundation for graduate study in computer science. In support of these goals, a curriculum has been developed which: 1) provides coherent, broad-based coverage of the computing discipline; 2) prepares students to apply their knowledge to solving constrained problems, which includes the ability to define a problem clearly, to specify, design, implement, test, modify, document solutions, and to work within a team environment throughout the problem solving process; 3) offers sufficient exposure to the rich body of theory that underlies the field of computing; and 4) makes available an environment in which students are exposed to the ethical and social issues associated with the computing field.

The computer science department offers majors and minors in both Computer Science and in Computer Information Systems (CIS). The Computer Science major provides the strongest mathematical and scientific background. It is recommended for students who intend to pursue graduate studies or to seek employment involving the technical or scientific application of computing. The CIS major deals more with the business and human aspects of computing. It has fewer science and mathematics requirements, but has additional requirements for courses in Business Administration. A minor in Computer Science and a minor in CIS are available to students who choose to concentrate their studies in an affiliated area.

Courses are included in the curriculum to support the general department goals and the detailed program goals. In addition, several courses are offered to provide the necessary basic knowledge of computer technology and computer programming for those students wishing to use the computer as a tool for study and research in other disciplines.