2023-2024 Undergraduate General Catalog


The study of the ancient Mediterranean world, especially that of the Greeks and Romans, takes us back to the beginnings of our Western civilization. Although the prime concern is with the way the ancient Greeks and Romans lived and thought, the lines of influence extend to our own lives as well. Religious thought, legal codes, drama, lyric poetry, and the writing of history all took shape in these cultures of the Mediterranean. At this time a general survey of the cultural movements of the Mediterranean world is offered with the support of the History department and a survey of classical literature is offered within the purview of comparative literature. The Philosophy department offers a survey of the ancient philosophical schools of thought. Additional courses in the classics are offered during the Interim.

A Classics major and two minors (Ancient Languages and Classical Studies) are available. Language courses offered beyond the beginning level are available as independent studies. Some electives are offered as topics courses. Greek is taught with attention to both the biblical and classical context and satisfies seminary prerequisites in the language. Latin still functions as a valuable adjunct for work in history, religion (the early Lutheran heritage was crafted in German and Latin), English, law and medicine. Students interested in pursuing graduate studies in Classics are urged to take additional courses in both languages and additional electives.