2023-2024 Undergraduate General Catalog


Do you ever marvel at the complexity of living systems? Perhaps this occurred while playing outdoors as a child or hiking in the wilderness. Maybe it happened while dissecting an organism in biology lab or listening to a doctor talk about the complexities of an injury or disease. In the Augustana Biology Department, we share your fascination with the natural world. Biology is literally the study of life. As a biology major, you will study the interrelationships and interdependencies between organisms and their environment. In addition, we seek to help you understand your place within the biosphere. The one-on-one advising and mentoring you will receive from our faculty will help you to discover your place and vocation in life. In addition, we offer many opportunities for inquiry and research, both inside and outside the classroom that encourage you to think like a scientist and further explore your interests. We take your future career very seriously and believe that the disciplined approach to learning, critical thinking, and communication skills that you will develop as a biology major will serve you well in any career you decide to pursue.

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