2023-2024 Undergraduate General Catalog

Academic Program

The goal of the University is to provide an education of enduring worth by blending the broad learning experiences of the liberal arts with the student’s individual professional goals and in relating Christian faith to learning. This means providing students of varying backgrounds, interests, and ages a unique opportunity to achieve academic excellence and individual development in a Christian context in order to prepare them for a life of career, service and continuing achievement. The following pages describe the basic components of the curriculum, the graduation requirements, and the departmental offerings that the Augustana faculty has designed to achieve these goals.


The following are the basic components of the curriculum:

  1. Calendar: The academic year at Augustana is divided into two semesters of 14 academic weeks each, separated by a January term of four weeks and a summer term of eight weeks. 
  2. Bachelor's Degrees: On the undergraduate level, Augustana offers two degrees, the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Science in Nursing. All students who successfully complete any approved course of study at the University will receive one or both of these degrees.
  3. Unit of Instruction: The semester credit hour is the unit of instruction. One credit typically equals about 15 hours of class time. Science courses that are four credits include lecture and lab. The graduation requirement is 124 credit hours.
  4. Academic Load: A student taking between 12 and 16 credit hours is considered to be full-time. Students who take more than 16 credit hours in one semester will be charged an overload fee for each additional credit hour. A student who is enrolled full-time during the Fall or Spring semester may take 4 credit hours during the January term without paying an additional tuition fee. The maximum course load for any semester is 17 credit hours with the exception of those students who have completed a minimum of 18 credit hours and have a 3.5 grade point average. They are allowed to take 18 credit hours. All others who want more than 17 credit hours must have the approval of the Registrar and their academic advisor. Petition forms are available at the Registrar’s Office or online.
  5. Core Requirements: The core curriculum is an important component of an Augustana education. The Sophia Core is designed to provide all Augustana students with a basic core of skills and knowledge. The number of credit hours may vary based on credit for prior learning.