2023-2024 Undergraduate General Catalog


Current students register for the first semester in the late spring preceding the fall term and register for Interim and the second semester around Thanksgiving-time. Incoming freshmen and transfers will register during the summer (or in January for those beginning the spring semester) prior to their entry to the University. The typical academic load for a semester is 14 to 16 credit hours.

  1. All students must be registered by the end of the third day after the published beginning date of classes.
  2. No student may attend classes until satisfactory arrangements have been made with the Business Office for the payment of tuition and fees.
  3. No student may register and receive credit for course work at another college while enrolled at Augustana unless prior approval has been given by the Registrar.
  4. The administration of the University reserves the right to discontinue any class at the beginning of the semester if the registration for that class is deemed insufficient.

Changes in Registration

The specific courses and sections recorded in the Registrar’s Office are considered the student’s official registration. A student who discovers a conflict or other evidence of error in registration should go to the Registrar’s Office for the necessary changes. No classes may be added after the beginning of the second week in the semester without the instructor’s written permission. Students may withdraw from a course up to the end of the first week after mid-semester. A grade of “W” will be recorded for any class dropped between the beginning of the third week in the semester and the end of the first week after mid-semester. The necessary forms to accomplish changes in registration can be obtained at the Registrar’s Office or online. No change in registration takes effect until it has been recorded in the Registrar’s Office. A grade of “F” will be recorded if a student stops attending, but fails to withdraw.

Payment of Fees

A statement of account detailing 1) classes registered; 2) applicable charges for the semester, and 3) anticipated financial aid will be mailed to the student’s permanent address on file approximately four weeks prior to the start of each semester for all pre-registered students. 

Students may not register for or begin a new term of study unless their account is in good standing. Also, grades and transcripts may be withheld if a student’s account is not in good standing. Payments may be made by cash, check, money order, debit or credit card. A finance charge is assessed on all balances carried forward.

Payment Plan Information is available here.